Nazanin Boniadi

Nazanin Boniadi

Jul 02, 2015

A Beautiful Game

Nazanin narrated a piece on Fox Sports Live called A Beautiful Game, that premiered tonight. Here is a bit about it, as well as a piece itself.

This summer, on fields throughout Canada, women’s soccer is captivating the imagination of young girls around the world. Thousands of miles away, in the middle of the Jordanian desert, less than 8 miles from the Syrian border, sits a far different field. Here, displaced adolescent girls play a forbidden sport. The field a temporary distraction from the challenges they face every day, and the horrors they’ve overcome. FOX Sports Live brings you the incredible story of A Beautiful Game, a story of resilience, recovery, and hope in a seemingly hopeless place.

EXCLUSIVE: After a heated competition, Homeland star Nazanin Boniadi has scored the offer to play the female lead opposite Jack Huston in the Timur Bekmambetov-directed remake of Ben-Hur for MGM and Paramount Pictures. Boniadi plays CIA operative Fara Sherazi in the Showtime drama Homeland. She will play Esther in Ben-Hur, the role that Gal Gadot was in discussions before conflicts knocked her out.

The runner up for the role was Sofia Boutella, the young Algerian-born actress who plays the villainess in the Matthew Vaughn-directed Kingsman. Other actresses who did chemistry reads with former Boardwalk Empire star Huston were Israeli actress Moran Atias (The Next Three Days), and Natalia Warner, who wrapped Learning To Breathe. Boniadi is repped by UK-based AKA.


Aug 23, 2014

Desert Dancer Trailer

It’s finally here, the trailer for Desert Dancer. It’s the Hong Kong trailer for the movie, it premieres in Hong Kong on the 28th of August. Not sure about other releases at this time. Seeing the US might get a release in March 2015. Will be sure to keep you all updated on that one. Here is a trailer for the movie.

Relativity Media has set a summer limited bow for Desert Dancer, from helmer Richard Raymond. Reece Ritchie and Freida Pinto star in the true story of Afshin Ghaffarian (Ritchie), an Iranian dancer who risked everything to start a dance company amidst the politically volatile climate of the country’s 2009 protests and the nation’s ban on dancing. Pic marks Raymond’s directorial debut and was written by Jon Croker (Paddington) and produced by Pippa Cross, Richard Raymond, Izabella Miko and Luis Astorquia. Desert Dancer will open in select cities on August 15, expanding on August 22.


After guesting on Showtime‘s Homeland this season, Nazanin Boniadi has been upped to regular for Season 4 of the Emmy-winning terrorism drama. Boniadi plays Fara Sherazi, the strong-willed Muslim CIA analyst who Saul (Mandy Patinkin) recruited for her expertise in international banking. Like Carrie (Claire Danes), Fara shares a passion for justice and ends up enlisting her relatives in Tehran to help Carrie’s secret mission in the final episodes of Season 3. Season 4 finds Fara in a key role working for Carrie at the CIA. Boniadi, repped by AKA and Jordan Lee Talent, is currently completing an eight-episode arc on ABC’s Scandal. Her TV credits also include How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy and 24. On the film side, she appeared in The Next Three Days and Iron Man.


While audiences are by now familiar with formulas and templates of romantic comedies, sometimes adding a cultural twist can keep things fresh, and certainly, that’s what writer/director Ramin Niami is aiming for with “Shirin In Love.”

Featuring “Homeland” star Nazanin Boniadi (aka Fara Sherazi from season 3), she plays the titular Shirin, a young Iranian-American living in Los Angeles, long engaged to an Iranian plastic surgeon, who breaks the bonds of loyalty and tradition when she starts seeing another man, starting a culture clash. And in this clip from the film, Shirin is caught in bed shortly after her mysterious lover has left, much to the exasperation of her fiancé.

Co-starring Riley Smith, Amy Madigan, Maz Jobrani and George Wallace, “Shirin In Love” opens on March 14th. Check out the clip and poster for the film below.



Nazanin Boniadi has already starred in several successful TV series including Homeland and How I Met Your Mother and she has some very interesting stories to tell.

SheKnows was fortunate enough to catch up with the beautiful and talented Nazanin Boniadi at the 2014 SAG awards on Saturday night.

Boniadi stars as the talented young analyst Fara Sherazi on the hit political thriller TV series Homeland, which was once again nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. But she’s no stranger when it comes to appearing on hit TV series: the Iranian-British beauty also starred as Nora in a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

The How I Met Your Mother episodes can get pretty crazy, and we wanted to know what Boniadi’s craziest moments on the show were.

The 31-year-old star confessed, “The rat… did you see the rat on my head? It actually defecated on my head.

“So I remember everybody, like makeup and hair, they didn’t want to tell me until we were finished shooting. Then they were like, ‘Naz, you want to stay still, ’cause we need to do some emergency disinfecting.'”

Moving on in her career, Boniadi has found herself working on the critically acclaimed series Homeland in the midst of acting greats like Clare Danes and Damian Lewis, and it’s a wonderful career achievement.

So what was it like joining the Homeland cast? The actress said, “You know, I got to work with Mandy [Patinkin] the first day, straight off the bat, and he’s incredible. And, at the same time, he’s just a sweet soul.

“So he made me feel right at home, and I just feel really blessed.”

Fans of Homeland are always desperate to find out series secrets, and we wanted to discover if Boniadi would shed some light on what we could expect to see in the series’ future.

“I don’t know… they’re all kind of in the writer’s room right now, kind of figuring it out,” she said.

But the General Hospital star does have some hopes for the direction that her character will take in the future. She said, “I hope that you get to kind of delve more into Fara’s life and kind of her intentions and what she wants to do and her personal struggles with, you know, being a Muslim American and Iranian… her loyalties — where her loyalties truly lie.”

So what’s happening in Boniadi’s life in the future? Well, she has another secret project in the works. She said, “I am actually working on another show right now on my hiatus from Homeland, and I will tell you — I can’t tell you which one — but I will tell you that in a few weeks, I think three or four weeks, my first episode will air. And it’s been such an incredible ride.”